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Industry-Leading High Capacity Memory


32GB DRAM modules from Innodisk are the newest industrial-grade, high-capacity DRAM series launched with expanded capacity.


Targeted at core network switches for 5G technology, believed to be a much faster, more reliable mobile backbone service requires 32GB DRAM. Virtualization utilizes these DRAM to deliver faster data optimization.

Endurance & Strength

•             Industrial-grade high capacity DRAM series

•             Industry-leading memory capacity

•             Transfer rates up to 2666MT/s

AIoT devices, within medical data logging centers for autoclave validation and vaccine monitoring require fast turnaround times. With Innodisk’s 32GB DRAM modules, utilizing the high-speed transfer of 2666MT/s to support low-latency network speeds are crucial in providing consistent turnaround capacity. When used for NAS devices, the 32GB DRAM modules expedites the storing and retrieval operations without a hiccup.

Aerospace and defense sees elevated risks of corrosion damage to DRAM modules which leads to module failure. Higher sulfur content within these environments is why Innodisk’s anti-sulfuration protection from excess concentration of airborne sulfur-containing particles is essential. Wide Temperature solutions can withstand resistances up to 85⁰C to minimize the acceleration of sulfuration and lengthen the product lifespan while the heat-spreader enhances faster heat dissipation.

Innodisk’s 32GB DRAM are compatible with AMD x570 & Intel Z390/Z370 chipsets, AMD’s Ryzen 3000 generation 3 and Intel Coffee Lake CPU’s. Available in UDIMM/SODIMM/ECC-SODIUM form factors, Innodisk is providing manufacturers with compact long-term performance.

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