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MMC & SECO cuts the edge with the COM-HPC™


COM-HPC™ is the soon-to-be-released PICMG standard from PICMG® for high-performance Computer-on-Modules (COMs). The pinout and majority of the functionality were recently officially approved. The newest standard: COM-HPC™.           

HPC technology, acronym for High Performance Computer, is focused on the development of parallel processing algorithms and systems, incorporating computational administration and parallel techniques.

Most modern applications demand high performance due to the amount of data that needs processing, usually requiring video stream and up to 8K resolution. Just to cite some examples: IoT devices, edge-computing, 5G traffic, robotics, smart factory, and safety/mission critical applications.    

The new standard for COM modules by PICMG® emerges from the needs of these increasingly demanding markets, in line with the performance and speeds of the newest processors, delivering high computation and low-latency features, and is expected to provide the hardware capabilities required for the most advanced processing and high power applications, with new high-speed connectors able to support existing Gen3, Gen4 and future Gen5 PCI Express interfaces.

This new standard from PICMG® will soon be part of the new technology based on supercomputers and parallel processing to solve complex computational problems, and SECO will enrich its portfolio with this new product type. The COM-HPC™ will not replace the COM Express™: the previous standard will still be suitable for application requiring less data to be processed.      

The COM-HPC™ modules will be available in two versions, for different performance requirements: COM-HPC™ / Server and COM-HPC™ / Client.     
The first solution from SECO will be a COM-HPC™ / Client.  These modules will be available in three overall dimensions with 95 x 120 mm, 120 x 120 mm, and 160 x 120 mm and can be used for high-end applications in integrated IT, supporting next generation high speed interfaces such as PCIe Express 4.0 and USB4, also featuring a maximum of 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (via NBASE-T) for the Ethernet connection. COM-HPC™ / Client modules have integrated video interfaces such as 3xDDI and 2xMIPI-CSI, which can manage up to four separate high-resolution displays. 

SECO is updating its portfolio with this new line of products starting with a cutting-edge COM-HPC™ / Client solution, to continue offering its clients the most advanced solutions.

For more info: https://www.picmg.org/com-hpc-overview/ 

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